Corporate Renaissance Group

For more than 25 years Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG)-Africa, has been a world-class  global provider of innovative solutions and services that drive better business management and performance.

With expertise in strategy and performance management, business intelligence, competitive analysis, knowledge creation and software development, we provide clients with a competitive edge. This enables cost-effective and efficient transformation of enterprise data and knowledge into business-critical information.

Finding solutions to the innumerable challenges facing businesses and industry in today’s fast-paced economy, takes intelligence, innovation and dedication. The knowledge and experience of our team of visionary leaders combined with our strong technological background, sound business philosophy, creative strategic thinking and shrewdness in business optimization are the heart of our quality value-creation services.

What services do we offer?

Business Intelligence

Database Management Services

Mobile Application Development

Strategy Management

Dashboard Design & visualization

Database Security

Performance Management

Supply Chain Optimization

The values we live by are…

We have a customer-centric approach to business, where respect for our customers is the foundation of our beliefs
Our customer is our life and future!
We always execute our work with energy and enthusiasm
We act with devotion
Our team respect and trust each other to provide mutual support whenever required
We have a no fail policy!
We provide continuous feedback to ensure a mutual understanding of all matters at hand
Communication is important!
We take pride in what we do, who we are and what we deliver!
We conduct ourselves professionally in everything we do
We invest into our people. Their learning is our gain
We create an environment for personal development & growth!
Our customers gain through our innovative and open approach to finding solutions for their challenges
We find solutions and make it happen!
We take collective and individual accountability for what we do and solve challenges before they become concerns
We take ownership and do not blame!